Naoaki   CEO - Japan

Naoaki is in charge of CEO of Travelience.After graduating from Waseda University, he joined Accenture Corporation. Then he joined recruit Co., ltd. He is from Tokyo. He experienced a round of the world, and have traveled to over 70 countries. Especially his favorite countries are India, Nepal, Sri Lanka.

Rodrigo   CTO - Argentina

Rodrigo is in charge of the Engineer Team at Travelience. He has more than 10 years experience as Engineer. Prior to joining Travelience He had his own company in Argentina providing SAS such as: Email Marketing , Social Networks Automation and Website Development (CMS).His motto is "Think twice, code once", he traveled 9 countries and has Lived in Argentina and Japan.

Sutthipong   Video Creator - Thailand

Sutthipong is in charge of Video Production at Travelience. Prior to joining Travelience, he graduated from Digital Hollywood University in Tokyo.He has lived in Japan for more than 8 years and traveled all over Japan. His favorite places to climb is Yakushima and Takabotchi Highlands.

Risa   Guide / Customer Support Team - Japan

Risa is in charge of Customer Service at Travelience. Previously, Risa worked for a civil engineering company based in Tokyo as a sales representative after her graduation from Sophia University in Japan. She traveled to more than 10 countries, and one of her favorite countries is Nepal, where she stayed for 6 months for an internship.

Hazuki   Guide / Customer Support Team - Japan

Hazuki is in charge of Customer service at Travelience. Previously worked as customer and guest support of vacation rental company in about 2 years. Prior to joining Travelience, Hazuki graduated Doshisha Women’s College in Kyoto, Japan. Hazuki took the license of the professional tour guide in Japan in 2018. She has been to New Zealand to Study English. She traveled to 8 countries, and her favorite countries are New Zealand and Spain.

Jorge   SEO/SEM Marketing Specialist

Jorge is in charge of Digital Marketing at Travelience. Previously Jorge worked around 4 years in an Australia Startup tech company focused on international online payment. He also has over 4 years experience working in Branding and offline Marketing back in Brazil. He is graduated in Marketing and Advertising in ESPM-Porto Alegre and also attended the Master in Marketing Strategy at Canberra University / Australia, which he will complete in 2020. Jorge is originally from Brazil but in 2017 after 10 years living in Australia, he became an Australian citizen. Jorge traveled over 20 countries, and Africa is the next destination on your list.