2013/10/16   Media Travelience

Travelience was featured in Tabi Lounge Japan.

travelience.inc was interviewed in TABI LOUNGE JAPAN (the travel media in Japan). The interview article is about our company, CEO, Guide, our Asakusa tour and our passion. Please read the article about CEO interview. CEO(Naoaki Hashimoto) talked about his passoin about travel and the reason why he started this business. This is about our guide, […]

2013/09/10   News Travelience

Travelience has been selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for a commissioned project

Travelience has been selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for a commissioned project. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) called for projects under the Fiscal Year 2013 Cool Japan Promotion Program, aiming to support Japanese enterprises and creators who will lead the Cool Japan initiative so as to expand their […]

2013/04/17   News Travelience

Vote for Vayable’s Most Unusual Experience!

travelience is selected as a finalist in Vayable’s Top 10 Most Unique Experiences. The article says the list is “in no particular order” but travelience is on the top and the photo is also from our tour!! Please visit Vayable website and vote for us!! List is here! http://blog.vayable.com/2013/04/16/vote-for-vayables-most-unique-experience/ Our tour is here, please vote […]

2013/03/26   Media Travelience

Startup Dating Talks About Travelience

Now we are on the famous tech news media, Startup Dating!! “Japan increasingly turning to Facebook to reach potential tourists”http://www.startup-dating.com/2013/03/japan-facebook-tourism The article mentions travelience’s making use of Facebook and cheaper tours compared thank the competitors, while touching on the success of Tokyo Otaku Mode. We are really happy and excited to be an article on Startup […]

2013/03/24   Media Travelience


Japan increasingly turning to Facebook to reach potential tourists

2013/03/07   Media Travelience

Travel vision

Travelvision, Japanese travel news media, featured us. The article is here written in Japanese.

2013/02/19   News Travelience

Press Release February 19, 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 19, 2013 CONTACT: Person: Yojiro Kato (Mr) Address: Kuramae Nagatani Bldg 6F-E, 2-4-3 Kuramae Taito-ku Tokyo, Japan 111-0051 Phone: +81 3 6830 0896 Email: info@travelience.com Website: http://www.travelience.com/ HEADLINE: Tokyo Free Fantastic Guide Tours by Japan’s Licended Guides BODY: travelience inc, a Japan’s guide tour company (Tokyo, Japan), today announced that travelience […]

2013/02/10   Events Travelience

10th March is the first day of our tour!

Hi, everyone. Our first guiding day is 10th of March. We have a free Asakusa Tour in the morning and Meiji Jingu & Harajuku Tour in the afternoon on that day. We are really waiting for you joining our tour! naoaki

2013/02/03   News

Travelience website is now open

Travelience is now starting up. Our website http://www.travelience.com is now released. And our tour service will starts from March! We are going to make you happy through guiding, helping you explore Tokyo Japan. you can look forward to further more from us 🙂