2020/07/27   LearnWithCoach News

Announcement of the Launch of LearnWithCoach, an E-learning C2C Marketplace for Interpreter Guides

LearnWithCoach (https://learnwithcoach.com), an E-learning C2C marketplace for veteran interpreter guides to produce and sell videos about their guiding knowledge is to be launched on Monday, July 27th.
  • What is LearnWithCoach
Veteran guides create and edit their own videos about their guiding knowledge, upload and sell their original training courses via our platform. New guides and those who want to be guides can compare, purchase and watch the original training courses on our platform. A wide variety of courses are produced and sold every day.
Moreover, the registered training for certified guides (legally required training) that all national interpreter guides must attend every five years is also available at this site.
  • Current Situation about Impact of COVID-19 on Interpreter Guides
In June 2020, the number of foreign visitors to Japan was down to 2,600, a decrease of 99.9% compared to the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of jobs for interpreter guides, who provide guide services to foreigners visiting Japan, has fallen dramatically, and interpreter guides are facing a significant decrease in income. Interpreter guides who have sources of income such as pensions are looking at this as a period of time to hone their skills as guides in order to prepare for a recovery in demand after the end of the pandemic, but for guides who depend on guiding income for their livelihood, they may have to quit the guiding business and find jobs in other industries due to the uncertain outlook for the end of the pandemic.
  • The Significance of LearnWithCoach
It would be a great loss for the interpreter guiding industry if the most active professional guides have to quit. LearnWithCoach aims to create new jobs in the interpreter guide industry and help retain the guides in the industry by providing them with a new source of income.
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